We’ve had a lot of customers ask what are the appropriate steps to take after getting their iPhone wet. Many people have heard the trick of putting their wet iPhone into a bag of rice or silica, but there are some keys steps that you may be forgetting.

1. Turn your phone OFF immediately.

The electricity flowing through your phone mixing with the water can cause shorts, and can cause permanent damage to your phones circuitry. This is why it is extremely important to turn off your phone as fast as possible.

2. If you dropped your phone into anything besides fresh water, rinse the phone in fresh water.

This step shocks many people, and is the step that is skipped the most. The reason for this step is to minimize corrosion. Aside from the short circuits, the corrosion is the most damaging result of water damage.  Although fresh water will corrode the metal, the corrosion will be nothing compared to the corrosion from the salt in sea water or the sugars in alcohol, juice and soda.

3. Take your phone apart as much as possible and air dry.

Look up a YouTube video on disassembling your phone and take it apart as far as you feel comfortable.  Dry these parts with a compressed air can or a hair dryer on a low heat setting.

4. Place parts in a bag of rice or silica.

5. Wait at least 2 days.

This allows the rice or silica to absorb the liquids and leave your phone completely dry.

6. Lightly scrub the exposed circuitry with a soft tooth brush and 70% isopropyl alcohol (30% water).

This step will remove any visible corrosion and help prevent further corrosion. Be sure to use very little alcohol on the toothbrush, and immediately air dry the parts after brushing.

7. Reassemble the Parts, turn on the phone, and hope for the best. -

Even though you’ve followed all these steps, water damage is extremely unpredictable and your phone may not function perfectly. Following the steps above though will give you the best chance of retaining a perfectly working phone.

Have you heard or tried any tricks that worked for you? Let us know in the comments.