LCD Screen Replacement for Toshiba C655D-5200

This is a step by step guide on replacing the LCD screen of a Toshiba C655D-5200. The screen was purchased for a great price from and put in by Bill from

This particular model of laptop was very simple compared to others, and shouldn’t take more than 15 or 20 minutes. You only have to remove 10 screws and one connector to take off the old LCD, so it wasn’t difficult at all.

STEP 1: Remove four plastic screw covers from four corners of the laptop screen.

Step 1 Toshiba Replacement


STEP 2: Remove the four Phillips screws that are below those four plastic caps.

STEP 3: Using a flathead screw driver, plastic guitar pic, or your fingernails, separate the front panel from the back at the seam. This will make a snapping noise, which is alright. Unsnap the front all the way around the screen including the bottom. You will be able to lift the bottom hinge area of this front panel away from the base.

STEP 4: There are three Phillips screws on each side of the LCD holding it to the frame. Remove these six screws. The LCD will be loose once they’re all out so be aware.


STEP 5: Lay the LCD on its front side keeping the bottom close to the back panel as there is a connector.(The Red Arrow is pointing to it)


STEP 6: Lift the tape on the connector and unplug the connector. The gray wiring of the connector has adhesive, so gently lift this from the old LCD.

STEP 7: Once the connector and gray wire are no longer attached to the old LCD, dispose of the old LCD and place the new one face down on the keyboard with the plug near the connector.

STEP 8: Plug the connector into the new LCD. Gently press the tape and gray wire down so the adhesive sticks again.

STEP 9: Once the plug is in and the tape down, lift the LCD screen so that it is up against the back panel with the silver frame bars on both sides of the LCD. See STEP 4 image.

STEP 10: Screw in the 6 screws into the side of the LCD that you took out in step 4.

STEP 11: Place the plastic front panel in place and snap it back into place. Some force will be necessary but be careful not to put any pressure on the actual LCD screen as it is very fragile.

STEP 12: Once the plastic front panel is back in place like the image from STEP  1, screw in the four Phillips screws that you removed in STEP 2.

STEP 13: Place the plastic covers over the four Phillips screws.

STEP 14: Turn on the laptop and if you did everything properly it should work great.