St. Louis Computer Repair

Computer Repair Services

On Site Computer Repair

First Hour: $90
Each Additional Hour: $60/hr
Call for Availability

Have a broken, infected, or slow computer? Don't have the time to bring it into our shop?

We understand that you're busy, and that's why we offer on site computer repair services.

We offer the same great services at very affordable rates.

Typical times for computer repairs are:
Tune Ups: 1-2 Hours
Virus Removal: 1-3 Hours
Data Transfer: 1-2 Hours
Laptop Screen Repair: 1-2 Hours
PC Repurpose: 1-2 Hours
Installs: 1 Hour

Please call 314.644.5826 to discuss your concerns and schedule a time for your computer service.

Laptop Repairs:

Laptop Screen Repair: Start at $100

Consider Adding a Tune Up for $20 ($10 off)

Having common laptop problems like a broken screen, keyboard, or dead battery?

We offer services to fix all types of laptop issues fast.

We perform all kinds of laptop repair, so if you have a different issue, please call for a free quote.

PC Tune Up: $40

For $40, this is the last tune up you'll ever need, and you'll be enjoying faster computer speeds for the life of your comptuer.

Our doctors will troubleshoot your computer to make sure there are no major issues, and we'll also:

  • Clean and Defragment the Registry
  • Fix Sytem Errors
  • Remove Unnecessary Start Up Files
  • Remove Broken Shortcuts
  • Eliminate Temporary Files that Slow You Down
  • Scan and Repair Hard Drive Errors
  • Optimize the Hard Drive to Save Space
  • Defragment the Hard Drive
  • Physically Clean you Computer

  • PLUS We'll install licensed software ($50 Value) that will maintain your computer's speed automatically, so you can enjoy a faster computer forever.

PC Repurpose: Call for Details

Looking for a fresh start with your computer, or are you looking to use it for a different purpose?

With this option, our doctors erase the hard drive and restore the computer back to its original factory settings.

We recommend this option if you're planning on donating your computer to charity or selling it to somebody else. This option ensures that your personal information won't be viewed by others.

Virus Removal: $75

Uh oh you've caught a computer virus. Don't feel bad, there are countless ways to get viruses, malware, spyware, and adware.

Viruse removal is one of the most common forms of computer repair, and we take pride in eradicating them. We'll also install software to protect your computer and give you some tips on how to avoid viruses in the future.


Enhance My PC

Software Install: $25

Our doctors install any program you want on your PC and we create a shortcut for easy access.

Memory Install: $20

Adding RAM memory improves your PC's performance and helps it run better.

Data Services

Data Recovery: $50-100

Did your hard drive malfunction or computer crash? Worried about losing your data?

Fortunately, our surgeons can find and retrieve lost photos, music, videos, documents, and other files. If our surgeons determine that a higher level of recovery is needed and you don't want to proceed, we don't charge you a dime.

Data Backup: $50-100

Backing up your data protects you from losing valuable documents, photos, videos, and more if your computer crashes or you accidentally delete something. This service price assumes that you have your own form of storage device for the data whether that be a flash drive, disks, or external hard drive.

Data Transfer (new pc): $50-100

Did you just get a new computer and want to get all of your old files switched over?

If so, this service is exactly what you need. Our doctors will take all of your files and bring them over to your new computer, so that you can enjoy your new computer.