Computer Virus Removal

St. Louis Virus RemovalCost: $75
Payment: After Service

Uh oh you've caught a computer virus. Don't feel bad, there are countless ways to get viruses, malware, spyware, and adware.

Fortunately, we deal with viruses everyday and specialize in their removal. We'll also install software to protect your computer and give you some tips on how to avoid viruses in the future.

We frequently deal with popular viruses like:

  • Windows Pro Safety Release
  • Windows Guard Tools
  • Windows Ultimate Security Patch
  • Windows Defence Counsel
  • Windows Private Shield
  • Windows Safety Maintenance
  • Privacy Guard
  • Security 2012
  • Smart Protection
  • and more

Virus types include:

  • Resident Viruses: Hide in the RAM Memory and are primarily used to capture your secret information like credit cards numbers, passwords, etc.
  • File Infectors: Infect programs and become activated when that program is run. These are very common.
  • Overwrite Viruses: Aimed to destory files and make them useless.
  • Boot Virus: These attack your computer's boot system causing it to boot poorly if at all.
  • Macro Virus: Typically found in programs like Excel, these mini programs are activated if that file is run.
  • Direct Action Virus: Quickly replicating virus that attaches itself to files.

Go ahead and bring your computer in any time between 10 and 6:30pm Monday to Friday or 12-5pm on Saturday and we'll rid your computer of that nasty virus. Feel free to call at 314.644.5826 or email us at should you have any questions.